Data Gathering and “Scrubbing”

BSG’s biggest strength is our ability to improve the accuracy and usefulness of your medical claims data. We collect other reliable sources of data we can integrate (such as biometrics results, wellness vendor data, prescription drug claims and demographics information) to provide the most comprehensive set of information and drill down to specifically what is driving costs in your plan. We use proprietary risk analysis tools, actuarial benchmarking and modeling tools, and multiple reference databases. Our data analytics help you make more informed decisions to improve the financial results of your benefit plans.

What is “Scrubbing”?

On average, 10–15 percent of the claims data from carriers and administrators can be uncategorized or miscategorized. Before we conduct our analysis, we “scrub” the data to eliminate or correct these errors where possible. BSG provides the most accurate reflection of the information and gives you better insight into what is driving your plan costs than our competitors or your third-party administrator.