Health Care Analytics


BSG Analytics™ (BSGA) reveals the entire picture of your medical care costs, instead of individual pieces of the puzzle—so you can make informed decisions. Our analytic services include health care utilization and review services, business consulting, and analyzing and compiling data for evaluating the performance of hospitals and physicians to identify opportunities for improved patient safety, clinical efficiency and patient outcomes.

How it Works

Our comprehensive method delves into medical plan data (costs, utilization and outcomes) in terms of the total cost of an episode of care, rather than separately provided and priced services. With the right data as our starting point, we pinpoint problem areas and work toward solutions.

For Employers

BSGA focuses on the goal of lower overall medical cost, and helps employers:

  • Identify preferred providers based on quality and efficiency—not discounts
  • Control costs by methods other than plan design alone
  • Select or redesign care management programs that improve chronic health issues within an employee population
  • Understand the future steps needed to manage costs better

For Providers

BSGA offers unique insight into how high-performing providers operate and helps identify effective treatments. BSGA, on an employer’s behalf, works with providers to identify best-practice standards, with the goal to lower costs and provide more efficient and effective care.

BSG Analytics