BSG’s retiree administration services let you focus on your current employee population. Initial notification, retiree enrollment and ongoing services include:

  • Notification of eligibility to continue on a self-pay basis
  • Determine eligibility for retiree benefits, and for which plan(s)
  • Sending retiree packet (letter, online access, election form and rates)
  • Upon enrollment (electronic or hard copy) update billing system & send confirmation statement with payment information
  • Invoice and collect premiums (coupons or ACH)
  • Update vendors/carriers
  • Automatic tracking of monthly payments
  • Online reports
  • Designated toll-free help line (BSG Call Center)
  • Personal and friendly service

As retirees are a large part of our BSG Call Center volume, we have an excellent understanding of the needs of this group. Our Call Center specialists are patient and careful listeners who first ensure they understand the concerns of the caller, and then ensure the caller understands the resolution to the issue.