COBRA and HIPAA Administration

BSG’s COBRA administration services support all parts of the COBRA process, including:

  • Processing of qualifying event notices
  • Processing of COBRA elections
  • Producing payment coupons
  • Collecting premiums
  • Providing monthly reimbursement of received premiums to client
  • Producing monthly employer reports
  • Providing billing services:
    • Tracking payments received
    • Sending notice for non-payment, insufficient funds and partial payments
  • Producing HIPAA certificates
  • Providing customer service
  • Archiving data for compliance verification
  • Storing files

We also offer online services that allow you to:

  • Search by COBRA participant, Social Security Number or name to view records
  • Locate current and past COBRA rates by plan
  • Complete the Employee Termination Form online for immediate submission
  • Run “COBRA Activity Reports” for any given time period