About Us

The Benefit Services Group, Inc. (BSG®) is a full-service employee benefits and wellness consulting, data analytics and brokerage firm. We get to the core of what is driving clients’ plan costs, and offer streamlined solutions for controlling those drivers—thereby reducing costs. Our in-depth understanding of what influences behavior, and how an employee population consumes health care services, allows us to identify what’s working in clients’ programs and where improvements are needed.

BSG models the impact of suggested changes on future costs, and transforms benefit programs by providing “full-circle” support, including:

  • Benefits Consulting BSG recommends ways to reduce your costs and meet your company goals by analyzing your benefit plans, your financial objectives, and the needs of your employees.
  • Health & Wellness Consulting We maximize the health and productivity of your workforce and reduce unnecessary lifestyle-related claims by identifying your objectives and providing program design, implementation and evaluation support for new or existing programs.
  • Compliance/Health Care Reform Consulting BSG keeps your company informed and in compliance by projecting and summarizing the impact of legislative changes through our in-depth understanding of health care reform, the health care industry, and measurement of health care delivery.
  • Communications Development We develop engaging, customized communications to explain your benefit options, and improve the health and benefit literacy of your specific employee group(s).
  • Administrative Services BSG provides specialty services such as plan eligibility audits, COBRA administration, customized billing, retiree billing, fulfillment services and a benefits call center.
  • Information Technology We offer systems to support your human resource and benefit needs